2 sidekick lighting

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Tried the 2 sidekick lighting technique at our recent TSG (Toronto Strobist Group) meet, It was our 2nd meet at the studio (thanks to Many the model here) and tried the nuclear/bio was theme with the gang.

Put 2 snooted strobes on 70 mm zoom and set to 1/8th power and aimed down at the subject (Many), added another strobe low and camera left to light the gas mask.

Did the usual “Can you see the strobe head?” thing with each light (Thanks Mr. Hobby for the valuable tip) to make sure the light is aimed correctly, but since the light beam is so tight it’s really hard to give the model much room to move around.

Working with photographers as models is really hard, maybe because of my theater background I’m so comfortable with modeling (despite the lack of a pleasant look!) and probably why I can easily work with any model, but just figured not every other photographer would be the same, including Many.

To be fair he was getting frustrated because it was hot in the studio and the mask was suffocating and you could hardly breathe in that thing!.


Finally decided to try this!

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Thanks to Natalie Norton‘s excellent post “Blog Power – Why You Should Consider Setting up a Photoblog” I decided to start blogging again about my passion: Lighting!

You should check the out the post and get inspired and jump in!